How My Friends Misled Me And Almost Snatched My Husband – Reader Writes


Its funny how this story is very
interesting because its something
unusual, Yes it shouldn’t be about us
advising you all the time, it’s cool if
you also share your mistakes with us
sometimes, so we can also learn.
Read story below;
I have one or two things to say about
married women who keep friends. I
have been married for three years. I
am the kind of lady that keeps a lot
of friends and usually love them
around me because my husband is
not always around.
My husband often frowned at it
when he calls and knows they are
around. But I always enjoy their
company so I usually ignore him.
I was naïve at first and told my
friends what my hubby thought of
them and they often treated him
with disdain. I didn’t like it, but I let
it go.
It didn’t take long before I was
gradually introduced into clubbing,
hanging out with young guys and
completely forgot I was married.
Two of these ladies were also
married. I was made to perceive
marriage as a bondage and a
manipulative tool men often
employed in controlling women.
This new lifestyle turned me into a
completely different person and I
started having extra-marital affairs.
I got addicted to having s*x with any
other guy out there.
Man husband got to know I have
started staying out late nights and
tried talking and fixing things so
many times but all to no avail as I
was already enjoying this new life. (I
never had one because I was raised
from a very strict home)
He called on my family and friends;
after loads of scolding and bashing, I
realized I was stupid and had
wronged him all these while (though
it took a long time for me to agree.
My unmarried elder sister helped me
After the whole dust had settled, my
husband revealed that my so-called
friends had been making series of
advances to him, with proof of my
infidelity and all that. One of them
in particular was ready to travel to
Abuja to be with me. He showed me
her text messages, emails (he
particularly asked her to also
communicate through mails because
he knows he has the intention of
using it as evidence later on).
This was a real eye-opener to what
was never taught in the class room,
rather life taught me humans are not
what they seemed. I have little or no
complains because I lived carelessly
and threw my home into disarray
A piece of advice to newly-weds.
Foundation of the marriage really
matters, when you are married. Act
like you are married and learn from
my mistakes. Keeping unmarried
friends and wayward married ladies
was the mistake I made.


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