8 Category Of Cars Old Men Drive In Nigeria


peaking of automobile industry, the
past recorded cars manufactured at
different countries holding some
interesting memories about the
shape, design and nick name tag to
these cars.
In Nigeria today, some of these cars
are still seen on the road even
though it’s almost extinct but most
time such cars are being driven by
old men.
Such cars are as follows;
1. Beetle
This is a German car manufactured
few years after WW2. It’s one of the
all time most rugged car designed by
volkswagen company as it is nick
named “Ijapa” in yoruba dialect.
Such cars nowadays are driven by
old men within the age range of 55
to death do us apart.
2. Peugeot 504
This car reigned in Nigeria for
decades due to its strong body metal
and compatibility to our bad roads.
It is only old men you see driving
this car nowadays with huge
“agbada” attire.
3. Pick-up
This is a haulage vehicle
manufactured by peugeot company
in the 50-70’s. Despite the fact that it
is almost off the road, you will still
see old men driving it for business
4. Benz 80-98 model
In the olden days, anybody that is
using Mercedes benz is automatically
tag a big man even up till now. It is
only old men most especially “baale
or babalawo” you still see driving the
model 80-98 series. Atimes you see
the car plate number customised
with their local name.
5. Nissan 120Y
This brand of car reigned between
the 80’s to late 90’s in cities like
Abeokuta, Ibadan, etc for
commercial use (taxi). It comes with
different model but the one common
is “salake” as seen used by old men
6. Molue
Those in lagos can bear me witness
that this brand of bus is still driven
by old men in routes like oshodi,
iyana paja, abule-egba, etc. The
engine smoke, insult from conductor
and passengers make this vehicle a
dramatic experience when you board
7. Tipa
This is a haulage mini truck designed
by Bedford to carry loads most
especially sands and rock peddles.
This is still seen nowadays on roads
driven by old men.
8. Citron
This is an Italian model bus car used
for travel purpose in the olden days.
Commuter users like Izuchukwu, Jide
ofor, fear woman motors, etc used it
for long distance journey to convey
passengers. You can hardly see this
vehicle on road nowadays and if you
do, only old men drive it.


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